Bulker Vessel Collides with Bridge in Argentina

A bridge across a river
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A Kamsarmax bulk carrier owned by Foremost Group, a U.S. company, experienced damage after colliding with a bridge in Argentina.

The ship En May, registered under the Liberian flag and weighing 85,000 deadweight tons, reportedly encountered a rudder failure. Consequently, it collided sideways with one of the pillars of the Bartolomé Miter Bridge in the Zárate Brazo Largo Complex, causing a temporary obstruction to navigation on the Paraná River.

On Sunday afternoon, a situation unfolded locally, leading regional authorities to send tugboats to reposition the ship, built in 2017, to a secure location and resume traffic flow on South America's prominent grain route.

The En May is depicted in released images with a breached hull, but it is assured that there is no immediate threat of sinking. Fortunately, the crew members are unharmed, and the normal flow of road traffic on the bridge remains undisrupted.

The vessel, with a length of 228 meters, was empty when the collision occurred. It was on its way upstream to the San Lorenzo port in Santa Fe to pick up its next cargo.