Crane Cyber Threat Denied by Zhenhua Heavy Industries

Cranes in a port at sunset
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Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC), a leading Chinese port equipment producer, has refuted claims that its cranes pose a cybersecurity risk to American ports.

In an official response, Zhenhua emphasized its commitment to addressing U.S. concerns, arguing that the accusations are based on misinformation and lack a comprehensive evaluation of the facts.

Zhenhua assured that its cranes are designed to be cyber risk-free for all ports, including those in the U.S. The company stated its strict adherence to both local and international legal standards, ensuring that its equipment meets global regulations and laws.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government, citing security concerns, has been investigating the port cranes supplied by Zhenhua for the past year. It is currently taking steps to decrease reliance on Zhenhua's cranes at American ports by replacing them and increasing investments in alternative solutions.