Houthis Launch Attack on Two More MSC Vessels

An MSC container ship at sea
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Yesterday, two more container ships owned by Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) were attacked by Houthi forces, bringing the total number of merchant vessels targeted in the region since last November to nearly 100, according to estimates by Splash.

The ships involved, MSC Gina and MSC Diego, each have a capacity of approximately 4,000 TEU. Despite the attacks, no damage was reported. Notably, the MSC Gina had previously been attacked by the Houthis on April 7.

In related news, the owners of the Galaxy Leader, a car carrier seized along with its crew over 160 days ago, have called on the Houthis to release the crew. 

“Sadly, the crew seem now forgotten by the outside world and are serving no purpose whatsoever in furthering the Houthis cause, so once again the call is going out, asking the Houthi leadership to be human, and release the 25 crew members being held for no good cause, so they can return to their loved ones,” read a statement from the ship’s owner.