Investment Into Core Markets Still Vital for Princess Cruises

A beach in the Caribbean
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In 2024, Princess Cruises is focusing heavily on its main markets, with a significant portion of its capacity dedicated to North America, as detailed in the 2024 Cruise Industry News Annual Report. This Carnival Corporation brand will predominantly serve the Caribbean and Alaska, which together make up nearly half of its available cruises.

The Caribbean is set to expand with nine ships assigned for cruises lasting seven nights or longer, plus two additional ships scheduled for shorter journeys of two to five nights.

Alaska remains a major destination for Princess Cruises in the summer of 2024, with seven ships deployed in the region, including some of the fleet's largest and most recent vessels like the Discovery Princess, launched in 2022, and the Majestic Princess, which debuted in 2017.

The Mediterranean is also experiencing growth, with capacity increasing by 25 percent. Three ships, led by the newly launched Sun Princess, will sail in this region. After its debut in February, the Sun Princess, capable of accommodating 4,300 guests, will offer a range of cruises from seven to 21 nights throughout the Mediterranean.

Globally, the 17-ship fleet of Princess Cruises will also offer numerous voyages in Australia, Northern/Western Europe, and Canada/New England. Notably, the Canada/New England area is witnessing a 65 percent increase in capacity and the addition of one more ship compared to 2023.

A highlight for 2024 in the Canada/New England region is the Island Princess, which will embark from New York City on a new series of Colonial Heritage itineraries, featuring a stop in Yorktown, Virginia.

Additionally, Princess Cruises has scheduled two world cruises for 2024, including a 111-night journey departing from Fort Lauderdale and a 110-night voyage starting from Australia and New Zealand.