New 2030 Strategy Revealed by Hapag-LLoyd

A Hapag-LLoyd shipping container
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Hapag-Lloyd has unveiled its Strategy 2030, outlining a comprehensive plan aimed at achieving quality leadership, sustainability, innovation, and operational efficiency over the next decade.

Over the last five years, Hapag-Lloyd has seen significant advancements in customer satisfaction, financial stability, and market expansion, particularly in vital growth areas like India and Africa.

The German carrier noted that Strategy 2030 stems from thorough market analysis and customer insights, as well as robust internal collaboration, drawing on the expertise of the company’s global team. 

It emphasizes exceptional customer service, environmental responsibility, and the adoption of innovative digital solutions to address the dynamic global market challenges, the company stated.

The foundation of Strategy 2030 is built upon five core pillars: upgrading the fleet, service network, and terminal portfolio; solidifying its standing among the top-5 global container lines; enhancing service quality; focusing on sustainability and performance.

Hapag-Lloyd plans to continue investing in its fleet and service network while increasing its share of inland transport to support its core business directly.

The company also aims to solidify its position among the top global container lines and enhance its market presence in key regions such as Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific trade.

In addition, Hapag-Lloyd is committed to improving service quality, with goals such as achieving an on-time delivery rate of over 80% and enhancing operational excellence, customer care, and business simplicity. "The Gemini Cooperation with Maersk will be an important step towards this goal, as will the strengthening of internal processes," the company articulated.

The German shipping line is also dedicated to reducing its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by about one third by 2030 and achieving net-zero fleet operations by 2045.

Finally, Hapag-Lloyd plans to maintain its industry leadership by adopting advanced IT solutions, boosting productivity, focusing sharply on performance and cost optimization, developing its workforce, and attracting new talent.

“We are very proud of our Strategy 2030, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction," said Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd. 

He added, "We operate in a very dynamic industry marked by shifting customer needs, so a resilient strategy is essential. Strategy 2030 positions us to thrive and lead as one of the top global container lines. With it, we will not only enhance the value we deliver to our customers and partners but also make a meaningful contribution to the decarbonisation of our industry. It is our most ambitious strategy to date.”