Passengers Rescued After Ferry Fire Off Balearic Islands

A passenger ferry on fire in the Balearic Islands
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On July 8, the Spanish rescue agency Salvamento Maritimo successfully evacuated passengers from a burning ferry. The fire erupted at dawn in the engine room of the ferry Tenacia, which was located 53 miles from Dragonera, a small island in the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Salvamento Maritimo received an alert about the Tenacia, which was carrying 350 passengers and 61 crew members, being on fire. In response, the rescue vessels Salvamar Acrux and Salvamar Libertas were dispatched to the scene. 

Additionally, SAR vessels Marta Mata and Mesana, along with three helicopters, were deployed to assist. Another passenger ship, Abel Matutes, rerouted to stand by and help with the evacuation if necessary.

Fortunately, there were no casualties, and all passengers were safely transferred to the Salvamento Maritimo rescue boats. The fire was eventually contained, though further details were not provided.

The Tenacia, a passenger ship built in 2008, sails under the Italian flag and is owned and operated by Grandi Navi Veloci SPA, Italy. The ship was on an overnight journey, having departed from Valencia on July 7. Grandi Navi Veloci reported that a private salvage tug would tow Tenacia back to Valencia.