Port NOLA Renews MoU Agreement with CORBA

Port of New Orleans
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Last Monday, the Central Ohio River Business Association (CORBA) officially announced the latest development in its unremitting partnership with the Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA). This newly signed agreement is named Memorandum of Understanding, or MoU, and is made to promote collaborative approaches of both parties on things like marketing efforts. 

For the third time, they’ve renewed this port-to-port agreement, and it serves as a direct link between the Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and Port NOLA.

The signing ceremony featured the participation of key figures, including Brandy D. Christian, the President and CEO of Port NOLA, and Errin Howard, Chairperson of CORBA's board of directors and Executive Director of RiverWorks Discovery. Notably, Errin Howard is a former recipient of the Marine Log Top Women in Maritime award.

At the signing event, two other important people, David Hammond from Inland Marine Service and Matt Gresham, the chief government affairs officer with Port NOLA, were also there. As proof of Port NOLA's ongoing commitment to the region, they agreed to support COBRA by becoming a direct member in the general category.

COBRA is considered a group of local businesses that trade mainly along the Ohio River in the tri-state area, including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The group includes companies that operate barges, manage terminals, operate fleets of barges, run restaurants and entertainment venues, work with local port authorities and municipalities, handle utilities, and other companies that support maritime activities.