Valenciaport Enjoys Significant Increase in TEU Handling

The Port of Valencia, Spain
Updated Published

The latest Valenciaport Statistical Bulletin reveals that in March, Valenciaport processed nearly 7 million tonnes of cargo, an increase of 3.84%. Notably, container volumes at the Spanish port rose significantly, with 459,749 TEUs handled, up by 15.86%.

Year-to-date figures also show robust growth, with a total of 19.2 million tonnes of cargo handled, reflecting a 5.41% increase. Container volumes for the same period reached 1,243,844 TEUs, marking a 12.07% rise. In March, the Port of Valencia welcomed 83,902 visitors, including 56,970 passengers on regular lines to the Balearic Islands and 26,932 cruise passengers.

Ro-ro traffic, which includes maritime ro-ro services as well as lorries and platforms, experienced a growth of 2.09%. Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs) also saw a notable increase, rising by 7.54%.

Emerging markets are becoming more prominent in Valenciaport’s operations, as reported by the Port Authority of València (PAV). This trend is particularly evident in trade with countries such as Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia.

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, trade between Valenciaport and Ukraine has surged, especially in cereal imports, which more than doubled with a 107.9% increase. The total volume of goods imported from Ukraine this year reached 354,265 tonnes, up by 116.68% compared to the same period last year. Additionally, transit goods from Ukraine grew by 20.16%, while exports remained steady.

Trade with the Far East also showed significant growth, with 207,838 TEUs handled in the first three months of the year, a 23.38% increase.

China continues to be Valenciaport’s largest trading partner, accounting for 157,025 containers. However, there has been remarkable growth in TEU traffic with Greece (up 82.91%), Egypt (up 81.45%), and Saudi Arabia (up 76.61%). This increase is largely due to the rise in transshipment traffic at Valencian docks, which primarily originates from Asia and is destined for other Mediterranean ports.

Traffic volumes with Algeria and Turkey also increased, up by 29.01% and 21.75% respectively. Significant increases in exports to Morocco (up 16.59%) and France (up 64.45%) were also noted in the first quarter of the year.