Container Ship Knocks Over Three Cranes at Turkish Port

AI generated image of a containership crashing into cranes on a dock
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The container ship YM Witness collided with three major container cranes during its docking attempt at Evyap Port in Istanbul, Turkey, causing a significant accident on Saturday afternoon, March 16th. The crash resulted in severe injuries to one crane operator.

Initial information indicated that the event did not result in any injuries. However, subsequent updates from Turkish news outlets revealed that one crane operator suffered serious injuries due to the accident.

The incident unfolded on the afternoon of March 16th, as the containership was making its approach to dock at the port. The vessel approached at an unusually sharp angle, heading directly towards a section housing four large cranes. Failing to halt in time, the ship's expansive deck struck one of the cranes during its attempt to dock, leading to the collapse of two additional cranes and the displacement of several containers into the harbor.