Global Freight Forwarding Network Launched by DP World

Cranes and shipping containers in a port
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DP World, headquartered in Dubai, has recently launched its newest addition to the extensive network of over 100 freight forwarding offices worldwide.

According to DP World, this expansion comes at a crucial juncture for the global logistics and supply chain sector, as businesses increasingly seek greater command over their supply chains.

In its endeavor to enhance its freight forwarding services, particularly focusing on air and ocean freight, DP World aims to provide a comprehensive range of services including ports, terminals, warehouses, trucks, rail, and shipping services. This initiative is aimed at bolstering control and resilience, backed by in-house digital technology, and collaboration with complementary partners across the supply chain to enhance efficiency.

The opening of the Miami office marks the latest milestone in this expansion.

Beat Simon, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Logistics at DP World, emphasized, “Our expansion in freight forwarding complements our holistic supply chain solutions, offering customers enhanced visibility and control, empowering them to navigate today's global market confidently."

He further stated, “As we expand our freight forwarding network, our goal is to cover over 90% of global trade. Our focus remains on strengthening our network to ensure it is robust, resilient, and capable of delivering world-class services."

DP World also provides various value-added services such as embedded trade finance, commodity-specific services, containerized car transportation, transloading, and advanced hubs.

Marco Nazzari, VP Commercial Freight Forwarding at DP World, highlighted, “Our freight forwarding service leverages our proprietary digital solutions to streamline global trade for our customers, offering them greater control. However, it's not just our digital solutions; our people play a pivotal role in ensuring our customers' success."