Lubricant Leak from Container Ship in Alaska

Alaskan coastline
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An oil leak from a container ship owned by Matson that is sailing to Anchorage, Alaska, is being monitored by the US Coast Guard (USCG) in collaboration with other authorities. The Maunalei, a 645-foot container ship traveling to the Port of Alaska, was discovered to be leaking lubricant on August 4, according to officers at the Coast Guard Sector Anchorage Command Center.

According to reports, the vessel was emitting a biodegradable, ecologically friendly lubricant at a rate of about six gallons per hour. Threats to the species and resources in the area are "anticipated to be minimal" according to the USCG, given the low toxicity of the lubricant, the strong tidal currents, and the gradual release rate.

“The vessel contains perishable cargo and other supplies for distribution throughout Alaska,” said the Captain of the Port of Anchorage Captain Leanne Lusk.

"After coordinating with federal, state and local stakeholders and balancing the risk to the supply chain with the risk to the environment, I have authorized the vessel to continue its transit into Anchorage.”