Pier Damaged in Keelung Port After COSCO Boxship Collision

a COSCO container ship
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A container ship operated by COSCO Shipping Lines collided with a pier at Keelung port in Taiwan, causing structural damage during its docking attempt.

The vessel, named Fei Yun He, built in 2000 and with a capacity of 1,702 TEU, was arriving from China's Lianyungang port just before 8 am local time on 16 March.

Reports from local media suggest a potential miscommunication between the ship's pilot/crew and the port's control led to the Fei Yun He striking West Pier 20 of the Keelung port.

In footage aired on TV, the pilot is overheard commenting, “Why is the ship going faster and faster? Are you pulling the wrong controls?”

This collision resulted in damage to the tug cable at the pier and caused the concrete on the dock to break away, revealing the cables underneath. Additionally, the incident left a significant hole in the Fei Yun He's stern, a ship that serves the North China-Taiwan route under COSCO and its affiliate OOCL.

Representatives from the Maritime Port Bureau’s northern division and the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board were on-site soon after the collision to gather information for their investigation.

After receiving emergency repairs, the Fei Yun He was cleared to depart Keelung on 20 March, reaching Kaohsiung the following day (21 March).

COSCO has committed to compensating for the damages incurred from this mishap.