Port of Aberdeen Seeks to Enhance Safety & Sustainability

A vessel sailing into Aberdeen Port
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North, a provider of smart integrated solutions, has secured contracts worth GB£1 million (US$1.3 million) from the Port of Aberdeen to boost the safety, connectivity, and sustainability of Scotland's largest berthing port.

The contract involves upgrading and expanding the port's closed-circuit television (CCTV) and security systems, as well as implementing private 5G, public Wi-Fi, and Internet of Things (IoT) networks. These enhancements aim to improve operations and the customer experience.

"Port of Aberdeen is focused on using cutting-edge technology to achieve its aspirations, both in maintaining operations at the port and delivering our award-winning, industry-leading 2040 net zero strategy. The additional data available through the installation of these systems will allow our team to make more informed decisions that will continue to enable us to offer the operational excellence that our customers expect," stated Jon Oakey, chief financial officer at Port of Aberdeen.

This partnership follows the significant US$534 million expansion of the port's South Harbour, the largest marine infrastructure project in the Trust's history, which officially opened in September 2023.

North has designed and installed a comprehensive CCTV and security system across both North Harbour and South Harbour. This includes integrated video management systems, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and access control.

Julie Hutchison, business development manager at North, commented, “North is focused on delivering stronger networks and smarter places, and we are proud to help Port of Aberdeen realize this. Its transformational expansion and mission to become Scotland’s first premier net zero port will be accelerated through its prioritization of and investment in smart solutions."

Robust 4K marine-grade cameras with video analytics now provide visibility as vessels approach the port, enabling more intelligent security management. Upgrades to control barriers and ANPR integration have enhanced real-time event detection and traffic management, improving the safety of people and resources throughout the port.

The 5G investment will allow the Port of Aberdeen to establish a high-performance private 5G network, enhancing connectivity at the new South Harbour. This network will improve communications and support applications such as drone technology, smart bollards, and 5G cameras.

With 6,948 vessels using the port in 2023, the introduction of 5G infrastructure will enhance data collection through new technologies and support Port of Aberdeen’s ambition to become the UK’s first net zero port by 2040.

This technology will help the Port of Aberdeen provide a safe, secure, and connected environment, furthering its growth and sustainability objectives. The newly secured contracts with cruise operators and shipping companies will also support the development of renewable energy sources in the North Sea.

Julie Hutchison stated, “North is uniquely placed to offer end-to-end technology solutions and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Port of Aberdeen as we embark on the next phase of the project. As part of this, we will work closely with the team to explore how data and trends are accessible through the technology which can drive operational efficiencies and support the Port’s digital transformation ambitions.”