Prison Sentence for Captain for Transporting Harmful Trash

A pile of trash
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An Indonesian captain of a Singapore-owned ship was given a seven-year prison term by the Batam district court for breaking both environmental and maritime rules by bringing containers of dangerous and poisonous liquid waste into Indonesia.

The Belize-flagged Cramoil Equity was reportedly transporting hazardous trash in Batam's seas without permission when the Batam Port Authority got a tip in the middle of June 2021. The ship was instructed to depart by the agency's patrol crew, but it apparently disobeyed.

The Batam Port Authority was informed on June 13, 2021, that the ship Cramoil Equity would be arriving in the area of Batam and would be transporting harmful chemicals ashore. This information was presented in court on the Indonesian island of Batam.

The patrol crew from the port authorities boarded the ship and discovered 20 containers of dangerous trash inside. A hazardous waste volume of up to 1,000 liters. Chosmus Palandi, the ship's captain, received a seven-year prison sentence and a fine of almost $300,000. The case was heard in June, and Indonesian officials announced the decision.

The judge's decision to penalize those who commit environmental crimes is appreciated, according to Ratio Ridho Sani, the ministry's director general of law enforcement, who believes it would prevent those who try to smuggle rubbish into the nation. He emphasized that the government was dedicated to enforcing the court decision.

“Strict action against perpetrators of waste smuggling and traffic pollution must be carried out to protect Indonesian waters and the environment. The main perpetrators, the person in charge and the corporations involved must be severely punished,” said Ratio Ridho Sani.