South Korean Chemical Tanker Runs Aground Off Japan

AI generated image of a South Korean flagged chemical tanker running aground
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A leading UK-based marine insurance and claim consultant has reported that the chemical tanker Keoyoung Pioneer ran aground near Kuchinoshima Island, Japan. The incident occurred on April 16, 2024, as the vessel was heading to Nagoya, Japan.

According to the report, the tanker, built in 2006, suffered hull damage, resulting in a fuel leak. The Keoyoung Pioneer, flying the South Korean flag, has a summer deadweight of 3970 tonnes. It departed from Kemen, China on April 14 and collided with reefs northwest of Kuchinoshima Island two days later.

Maritime authorities are currently evaluating the damage and potential hazards caused by the grounding. The environmental consequences of the fuel spill have yet to be determined. There have been no reports of injuries as of yet.