Two Dead & Five Missing in Suspected Danube Collision

The Danube River flowing through Budapest
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The Hungarian Police have reported a tragic incident on the Danube River in Budapest involving a suspected collision between a passenger ship, the Heidelberg, and a small boat. This accident has resulted in the deaths of two individuals, with five others still missing.

According to the police, there were eight people aboard the small boat at the time of the accident. The incident came to light late on Saturday night, May 18, when a wounded man was found near the Danube River close to Veroce, north of Budapest.

On Sunday, May 19, police confirmed that the bodies of an adult man and a woman were discovered at the accident site. The search for the five missing individuals continues, conducted by Hungary's Disaster Team. The damaged boat has been recovered and brought to shore by the authorities.

At the time of the accident, a cruise ship was reported to be in the vicinity. The Heidelberg, the suspected cruise ship, was subsequently stopped in Komarom, where police identified damage to its hull.

The Heidelberg is a 109-meter cruise ship registered under the flag of Switzerland. It departed from Budapest and arrived in Komarom on May 19.