Valenciaport Reports Increase in Cargo Traffic for April

The Port of Valencia, Spain
Updated Published

Valenciaport’s terminals confirmed in April that the Spanish export sector is experiencing a reactivation phase. After a period of stagnation and decline, the terminals in Valencia are now showing positive signs and increases in cargo traffic.

The major Spanish port handled 461,246 TEUs in April, marking a 13.51% growth compared to the same month last year.

An analysis of the figures in the Bulletin reveals growth in several types of cargo: solid bulk increased by 51.69%, vehicles by 17.80%, and transshipment by 13.93%, the latter influenced by changes in shipping routes due to the Red Sea crisis.

By sector, the port's data indicates a slight decrease in construction materials (-1.78%), while there were increases in vehicles and transport elements (6.69%), iron and steel (7.98%), non-metallic minerals (46.99%), fertilizers (15.37%), chemical products (9.01%), agri-foodstuffs (6.58%), and a decrease in energy (-40.65%).

The Valenciaport Statistical Bulletin also shows that ro-ro traffic increased by 6.4% in the first four months of the year, while UTIs (Intermodal Transport Units) rose by 10.66%.

Overall, nearly 7 million tonnes of cargo (+8.84%) passed through Valenciaport’s docks in the previous month.