1.1M+ TEUs Reported by Majaor Japanese Ports in Dec 2023

Tokyo Container Terminal
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In the final month of the previous year, the combined container traffic of Japan's six leading ports amounted to 1.17 million TEUs, showing a slight dip of 0.5% from the same period in 2022.

This marked the third month in a row where there was a year-over-year reduction in volumes. Exports witnessed a modest rise of 1.9%, totaling 619,415 TEUs, whereas imports fell by 3.1% to 552,103 TEUs.

Delving into specific ports, Tokyo processed 353,617 TEUs, witnessing a 5.7% decrease, with exports at 178,764 TEUs (down 1.3%) and imports at 174,952 TEUs (down 9.8%).

On the brighter side, Kawasaki experienced a notable increase of 10.2%, handling 8,356 TEUs, with gains in both exports (6.2%) and imports (15.1%).

Yokohama's container volumes rose by 4.8% to 243,184 TEUs, comprised of 131,238 TEUs in exports (up 4.7%) and 111,946 TEUs in imports (up 4.9%). Nagoya's figures climbed by 5.2% to 220,681 TEUs, with exports growing by 5.6% and imports by 4.8%.

Additionally, Osaka saw a 1% increase in its throughput to 163,594 TEUs, buoyed by a 4.7% growth in exports despite a 2.5% reduction in imports. Conversely, Kobe reported a 4.8% decrease in container movements to 181,197 TEUs, with a 2.1% fall in exports and an 8% drop in imports.