ABB Boosts Tech Presence Through Weather Routing Co. Purchase

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In the most recent development in shipping data services, the multinational tech corporation ABB has acquired the shipping business of DTN, a weather and meteorological forecasting specialist.

ABB has broadened its maritime software range through the acquisition of DTN Europe and DTN Philippines' shipping businesses.

Acquiring the DTN Shipping portfolio involves obtaining vessel routing software, encompassing analytics, reporting, and modeling applications. The financial particulars of the transaction remain confidential, and the expected completion date is set for the second quarter of 2024.

The company mentioned that incorporating the DTN Shipping business will augment ABB's current digital solutions, leading to a rise in the number of vessels connected to ABB networks, surpassing 5,000.

“With this acquisition, we can now provide all levels of digitalization across all fleet types and sizes, creating a unique offering in vessel and voyage performance,” Juha Koskela, who serves as the Division President for ABB Marine & Ports, expressed.

This latest purchase occurred mere months after Danelec, a data specialist company from Denmark, acquired Nautilus Labs, a US-based firm specializing in maritime artificial intelligence.

Danelec, renowned for its voyage data recorders, shaft power meters, and its position as a provider of digital ship performance monitoring systems, welcomed Nautilus Labs into its ranks. This occurred following the acquisition of the Norwegian firm KYMA in 2021 and the VDR and MDE business of MacGregor in November 2023.