Amsterdam Cruise Ship Evacuated After Explosion

Amsterdam canal at sunset
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An explosion happened earlier this week aboard river cruise ship Viking Gymir that was berthed in the heart of Amsterdam. The explosion took place in the ship's battery compartment, and a fire that followed it. The explosion occurred around 6:30 pm as the river cruise ship was about to leave Amsterdam. According to reports, there were about 200 individuals on board. 

The Viking Gymir, which was just launched and made available by Viking for river cruises on the Rhine in 2022, has a brand-new hybrid propulsion system that was created to replace the primarily diesel power on Viking's other Longships.

Evacuation was comparatively simple because all passengers had already gathered for a welcome briefing in the main salon of the ship. There were no reports of casualties, and they were swiftly taken to the dock. However, the medical staff had to treat about nine crew members for smoke inhalation.

The Viking Gymir's crew and passengers are all safe and the ship is now completely operational and navigable, according to a representative. The ship is allegedly not going to be put back into service this summer, although the business did add that all upcoming departures will go as planned.

Two weeks ago, the Viking Hermod, another Viking Cruises ship, collided with a cargo ship while sailing between Basel and Amsterdam. The event triggered by the cargo ship's abrupt course change resulted in minimal damage to the ship.