Efforts Underway to Save Bulker After Houthi Strike

A missille in the sky
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The Belize-flagged bulk carrier, Rubymar, which sustained damage from a missile strike by Yemen's Houthi rebels, remains buoyant despite significant water ingress.

The Houthis had previously announced that the ship was at risk of sinking following their assault in the strategic Strait of Bab el-Mandeb late on a Sunday. This incident prompted the evacuation of the 24-person crew, including four security personnel, all of whom were unharmed and have been safely relocated to Djibouti.

Contrary to various social media reports suggesting the vessel was sinking, recent visuals depict the Rubymar still floating, albeit with a noticeable list towards the stern due to damage near the engine room.

This event marks a critical escalation in the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea, targeting the 32,200 dwt vessel that was transporting approximately 22 tonnes of fertilizer.

Ownership of the Rubymar is held by Golden Adventure Shipping, based in the UK, and it is under the management of Lebanon's Blue Fleet Group. Reports from TankerTrackers.com indicate that while the ship is leaking fuel oil, it has not sunk.

"She is located in the southbound traffic lane," reported the vessel tracking service on the social media platform X.

Currently, efforts are focused on salvaging the vessel, which remains in danger of sinking, with plans to tow it to Djibouti.

Roy Khoury, CEO of Blue Fleet, in a communication with AFP stated, “She will be towed to Djibouti but the tugboat has not yet arrived.” Further stated, “It should be there in two to three days.”