Eurus Energy Buys Into Floating Scottish Wind Farm

Propellers in an offshore wind farm
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Eurus Energy, a collaboration between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company, has entered into an agreement to invest in the 100 MW Pentland floating offshore wind farm project located in Scotland.

Through this deal, Eurus Energy will gain partial ownership of the project, which is being developed by Highland Wind. Highland Wind is primarily owned by Flagship Funds, managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), with Hexicon holding a minority stake.

Earlier in the year, the Pentland floating wind farm, situated 7.5km off the coast of Dounreay in Caithness, received approval from Scottish Ministers for a variation application to adjust its offshore consents. 

This adjustment included a reduction in the number of turbines, which will now be concentrated within a smaller area while still achieving a 100 MW capacity. The project's operational life is projected to be up to 25 years, generating enough electricity to power up to 70,000 homes.

Eurus Energy stated that this venture would enable it to acquire expertise and technology in the offshore wind sector, which will be beneficial for use both in Japan and internationally.

Richard Copeland, Pentland project director, commented on the deal, stating: “International collaboration is essential for unlocking the full potential of floating wind technology. Collaborative efforts can stimulate growth, attract more investment and drive competition, further reducing costs and expanding the technology’s reach. This investment is a key milestone for the project and, now that we have all key development requirements in place, we are ready to move forward.”