Stranded Turkish-Flagged Ship Hit by Missiles in Ukraine

The Turkish flag
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A cargo ship flying the Turkish flag, marooned for over two years in Ukraine, was targeted by missile strikes while docked at the Kherson port.

The attack on the Kuruoglu 3, a vessel from 1990 belonging to Istanbul's Kuruoglu Denizcilik, is attributed to likely Russian military action.

Having arrived in Kherson on February 22, 2022, the 7,634 dwt ship was trapped following the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led to the port's shutdown.

Maritime security experts at Ambrey reported that the ship's owner disclosed two missiles impacted the starboard side of the vessel, resulting in water ingress.

The owner has expressed concerns that the vessel, currently held in place by ropes, is at imminent risk of sinking should these bindings fail.

On Wednesday, Ambrey highlighted that the Kuruoglu 3 is among several ships that have been stranded and subsequently damaged by strikes in the ports of Mykolaiv and Kherson over the past two years.