Germany Will Participate in EU Red Sea Naval Mission

German flag
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The head of the German parliamentary defense committee stated that EU foreign ministers will approve Germany joining the European Union naval mission in the Red Sea this month to protect shipping. 

Maria-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said at her party’s reception for the New Year on Sunday that the mission’s aim is for the EU frigates to protect commercial vessels voyaging through the strait. 

Due to continued attacks on passing vessels by Iran-backed Houthi militia off the Yemen coast, the most important global shipping lane has been completely paralyzed. 

Strack-Zimmermann says: “this is an attack on free trade and has to be countered.” Newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported earlier that the German frigate Hessen would begin its voyage for the Red Sea on February 1st. 

Any foreign deployment of Germany’s armed forces must be approved by Parliament.