Hafnia & Símbolo Add More Partners to AI Joint Venture

AI generated image showing AI generated data in front of a container ship
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Hafnia and Símbolo have expanded their foundational AI joint venture, Complexio, by adding four more shipping partners: Marfin Management, C Transport Maritime, Trans Sea Transport, and BW Epic Kosan. 

These companies have begun the process of integrating and mapping their data with Complexio.

The primary goal of foundational AI is to enhance human-machine collaboration by integrating with all areas of a company's infrastructure, providing a centralized hub for AI-driven analysis and decision-making. 

This innovative approach shifts AI's role from isolated departmental applications to a unified system that boosts overall organizational performance and productivity.

Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov noted that since the initiative's launch in 2023, the next step is to include other partners in the shipping industry, advancing towards an AI-first world. “90% of global workforces spend 60% of their time on recurring tasks. In an AI-first world, we can greatly reduce this by automating the processing of routine tasks, like assembling a ship’s clearance package, and simultaneously provide our leadership teams with enhanced macro views of business operations, enabling them to identify areas to improve upon,” Skov said.

Complexio CEO Matthew Talbot highlighted the progress made, stating, “We have already identified over 107 million relationships across Hafnia data we have ingested in the last 24 months. Mapping these relationship patterns is critical for companies to automate tasks and alternatively identify and escalate any potential issues quickly to humans.”

Formerly known as Quintessential AI, Complexio continues to innovate and lead in the AI-driven transformation of the shipping industry.