Haiti Fuel Terminal at a Standstill Due to Armed Gangs

A terminal in Port au Prince, Haiti
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On April 22, 2024, operations at a major fuel import terminal in Haiti were halted after an armed gang took control, seizing trucks and forcing the closure of the Port-au-Prince facility.

A spokesperson for the U.N. World Food Programme noted that fuel shortages are a common issue in Port-au-Prince, but assured that they have sufficient reserves to continue supporting humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

This incident is not isolated. In October 2021, the Varreux terminal faced a similar situation when it was blocked by armed groups for over a month, resuming only after international intervention. 

A comparable disruption also occurred in 2022. These shutdowns have led to significant disruptions, including the closure of hospitals, radio stations going off air, loss of mobile network services, and interruptions in transportation