Hamburg Port Witnesses Ship Sinking

Port of Hamburg at sunset
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A vessel navigating the inland waterways, laden with 3,500 litres of diesel and 1,400 tonnes of potassium chloride, has foundered in the Port of Hamburg.

The 80-meter vessel was docked at Kalikai, a prominent hub for bulk goods export in Hamburg, when it submerged in the Elbe river under mysterious circumstances early Tuesday morning.

The local fire department reported that the captain of the vessel, whose name has not been disclosed, escaped physical harm but was left in a state of shock. To mitigate any potential environmental impact, oil containment measures were swiftly implemented around the submerged ship.

Emergency operations in the Port of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg involved approximately 40 responders and persisted into Tuesday morning, with the vessel reported to have sunk around 6:00 am local time.

Environmental concerns were quickly addressed, with officials noting that potassium chloride, the cargo carried by the ship, poses no threat to the environment. This substance, being water-soluble and commonly used in fertilizer production, is considered non-hazardous.

Further actions to manage the situation, as covered by local news sources, include plans to engage a specialized firm to extract the diesel from the vessel, contingent on favorable water levels.