Houthis Announce Further Attacks on Israeli-Bound Vessels

AI generated image of a container ship being attacked by a drone
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The leader of the Houthis has once again suggested that his group’s area of attacks could extend to the Mediterranean.

In a televised address yesterday, Abdulmalik al-Houthi vowed that all ships heading to Israeli ports would be targeted by his group’s drones and missiles.

The Houthis have previously threatened to expand their attacks into the Mediterranean. Since last November, the group—backed by Iranian hardware and intelligence—has targeted more than 90 merchant ships, striking increasingly further from their own coastline.

Lars Jensen, the CEO of container shipping consultancy Vespucci Maritime, has been providing daily updates on LinkedIn about the unfolding Red Sea shipping crisis. The Houthis of Yemen, aided by the Iranian military, have attacked around 80 ships over the past six months.

Last month, Jensen warned that groups in Algeria had received attack drones from Iran, which could impact shipping in the East Mediterranean.