Houthi's Post Video on Social Media Showing Tutor Attack

Houthis attacking a bulk carrier
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Houthis posted a video on social media showing the attack on the vessel Tutor on June 12. The UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported that a small craft initially struck the bulk carrier, followed by an unknown projectile, causing significant damage and flooding the engine room.

In a statement, Houthi forces warned Tutor's owner and operator, Everland Shipping Co SA, about violating their ban on ships making port calls in Israel. They claimed that Shimanami Star, another bulk carrier registered under the Bahamian flag, had called at Port Haifa at an unspecified time. 

The Houthi military cautioned all shipping companies to take their warning seriously, holding owners and operators accountable for the safety of their vessels and crew.

According to the Houthi military, they attacked and sank the Tutor using naval weapons. The video shows the initial strike by a small boat, leading to an explosion near the vessel's stern, followed by a second attack that caused an explosion on the port side. Additional explosions occurred around the ship, producing large smoke clouds.

It remains unclear whether the second attack was executed by another small boat, missile, or unidentified projectile.

Two days after the attack, on June 14, the crew abandoned the vessel, and military authorities rescued them. UKMTO reported on June 19 that maritime authorities spotted debris and oil at the attack site, suggesting that Tutor had sunk. A salvage team was scheduled to arrive at the incident site at the beginning of the week.

Previously, on February 18, Iran-backed Houthis launched an anti-ship ballistic missile at Rubymar, a bulk carrier carrying approximately 21,000 metric tons of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer. The vessel reportedly sank in the Red Sea two weeks after the attack.