Hundreds See Replica of 17th Century Spanish Ship Dock in UK

An unnamed tall ship sailing under a grey sky
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Hundreds of spectators gathered to witness the arrival of a Spanish tall ship in a British seaside town as part of its European tour.

Great Yarmouth greeted the Galeón Andalucía, a replica of a 17th-century galleon, as it docked at South Quay on Tuesday shortly before 20:00 BST, after a weather-related delay.

Constructed by the Nao Victoria Foundation, the ship has traveled 80,500 miles (129,552 km) worldwide since its launch in 2009.

Ruth Cockrill, the marketing events officer at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, remarked, "She is a truly incredible ship and we can't wait for her arrival."

The Galeón Andalucía, described as a floating museum, features six decks displaying the history of similar vessels that played a crucial role in establishing trade routes during the 17th century.

The ship boasts over 9,687 sq ft (900 sq meters) of sail, measures 162 ft (49 m) in length, and 33 ft (10 m) in width.

As the ship docked, two shots were fired from its cannon, and the crowd enthusiastically welcomed its arrival.

The Galeón Andalucía's visit to Great Yarmouth is part of its 2024 tour across Europe, with planned stops in Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany, sharing the history of how Spanish tall ships connected continents.

Ms. Cockrill added, "Great Yarmouth Borough Council is delighted to have helped secure the visit of Galeón Andalucía to the town. The visit promises to offer a fascinating day out for people of all ages. She is a truly incredible ship... it promises to be a stunning spectacle for people to enjoy on South Quay."

The public can visit the ship until Sunday, June 9.