IACS Rolls Out 2024 Blue Book for Maritime Professionals

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The 2024 edition of the Blue Book has been disclosed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

The IACS Blue Book serves as an electronic archive housing all technical resolutions established by IACS through its technical initiatives, serving as the central point of reference for the Association. It encompasses all previous versions of IACS publications and historical data. An annual update and publication ensure its relevance.

It includes:

  • IACS Unified Requirements that IACS members integrate into their regulations.
  • Consistent application of IMO convention stipulations by IACS members is observed uniformly while representing flag administrations unless specified otherwise.
  • Guidelines outlining the procedures that govern interactions among IACS members.
  • Guidance on resolutions that have been adopted, not necessarily class-specific, but deemed valuable by IACS in offering advice to the maritime industry.
  • Thorough documentation encompassing the description of IACS' Quality System Certification Scheme, requirements for the Quality Management System, audit specifications, prerequisites for Accredited Certification Bodies, and additional quality procedures.
  • The IACS Charter and IACS Procedures delineate the Association's objectives, goals, and operational protocols.