IMO Commemorative Farewell for Secretary-General Kitack Lim

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In a solemn and momentous assembly, the 33rd session of the International Maritime Organization (IMO Assembly A 33) ratified a resolution to formally recognize and honor the significant contributions of Mr. Kitack Lim during his eight years as Secretary-General.

As part of its resolution entitled "Appreciation of the Services of Mr. Kitack Lim," the resolution praises Mr. Lim's distinguished leadership and notable achievements during his tenure at the IMO. A key highlight of these achievements is the historic implementation of the 2023 Strategy for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships, a pivotal advancement in maritime environmental conservation. The resolution also commends Mr. Lim for his persistent efforts in facilitating inter-agency cooperation, which was pivotal in addressing the severe challenges faced by seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent geopolitical turmoil, including the crisis in Ukraine.

In a gesture of high regard, the IMO Assembly bestowed upon Mr. Lim the honorary title of Secretary-General Emeritus of the International Maritime Organization, effective from January 1, 2024. A significant event at the IMO Headquarters on December 6 marked his departure and witnessed the launch of "Safer shipping, cleaner seas - A celebration of 75 years of IMO," an initiative spearheaded by Secretary-General Lim to document the organization's longstanding history.

The event also featured the unveiling of Mr. Kitack Lim's portrait by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the IMO, His Excellency Mr. Yoon Yeocheol. Painted by the esteemed marine artist Robert Lloyd, this portrait is set to join the collection of portraits of former IMO Secretaries-General at the IMO Headquarters.

Esteemed delegates, including Katy Ware, the United Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the IMO; Víctor Jiménez Fernández, Chair of the IMO Council and Spain's Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO; and Captain Ian Finley, the Permanent Representative of the Cook Islands to the IMO and President of the Maritime Attachés and Representatives Club, rendered tribute to Mr. Lim's influential leadership.

In his farewell address, Mr. Lim extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Member States, the Secretariat, and various industry and seafarer groups for their consistent support throughout his tenure.

The event concluded with remarks from the incoming Secretary-General, Mr. Arsenio Dominguez Velasco, who will assume the role on January 1, 2024. Mr. Dominguez acknowledged the daunting task of succeeding Mr. Lim, and the evening culminated in a solemn pyrotechnic display on the IMO roof terrace.