Largest Global Car Carrier Gets Green Light in Principle

Aerial view of a car carrier ship
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Deltamarin, a leading naval architecture firm, has recently obtained Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV for their groundbreaking design of an 11,000 CEU pure car and truck carrier (PCTC). Due to this achievement, these vessels are considered the largest in the car carrier market.

This LNG-powered vessel features high-level energy efficiency and does well in terms of environmental performance. Incorporating other cutting-edge features such as solar panels, waste heat recovery, and air lubrication, it ensures feasibility and brings innovation to car shipping. 

With a collaborative approach and partnership of Deltamarin (a part of China Merchants Group) and China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Nanjing), the PCTC design of this vessel has been developed. 

Car carrier capacities will probably continue their upward trajectory. Currently, the largest PCTCs are Hoegh Autoliners’ Horizon-class, boasting an 8,500 CEU capacity. However, this extant will soon reach 9,100 CEU capacity by the company's upcoming Aurora class. 

Adding to this momentum, the Seaspan Corporation ordered a series of PCTCs featuring a substantial 10,800 CEU capacity. The deliveries will commence in 2027, marking the containership lessor's strategic entry into the car carrier market and enabling Hyundai Glovis to operate these ships on a long-term basis. 

A few concerns have coincided with these vessels in the industry at the current time. Owing to PCTCs involving big fires, the safety of the precious cargo and the ships is a big challenge. Also, better and more reliable car carrier transportation is required since the demand for electric vehicles is increasing daily.