Last Seasonal Stop in Santorini for Sun Princess

Santorini, Greece
Updated Published

The Sun Princess, one of the world's largest cruise ships operated by Princess Cruises, made its final seasonal stop in Santorini yesterday.

Recently, Princess Cruises announced a significant modification to the future routes of the Sun Princess. The company will no longer include Santorini in its itineraries due to concerns about congestion, aiming to improve the passenger experience by avoiding overpopulated destinations.

An email sent to passengers last week communicated the change: "Due to cruise ship congestion, we will no longer call to Santorini, Greece." The email acknowledged the potential disappointment and inconvenience caused by this decision.

Originally scheduled to return to Santorini on June 11, the Sun Princess will now reroute to Chania on the island of Crete. This change is intended to offer a more relaxed and less crowded visit.

Before arriving in Santorini, the vessel, which has a capacity for 4,300 passengers, made stops at Kerkyra (Corfu) and Mykonos as part of its Mediterranean tour, according to AIS tracking data.