MSC Enhances Asia Service Network with New & Upgraded Routes

The MSC Lisa container ship seen from above
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MSC has announced updates to its Asia service network by enhancing two existing services and introducing a new one.

The Swiss/Italian ocean carrier revealed an upgrade to its current Bengal service, aiming to establish direct connections between China and Bangladesh. The revamped Bengal service will offer a transit time of 10 days from Shanghai to Chattogram, as stated by the company.

Port Rotation for Bengal Service:

Qingdao (China) – Ningbo (China) – Shanghai (China) – Chattogram (Bangladesh) – Singapore – Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia) – Qingdao

Additionally, MSC plans to enhance the Kaguya service to facilitate long-haul cargo transport to and from Japan, with a connection through Busan, South Korea.

Port Rotation for Kaguya Service:

Kobe (Japan) – Osaka (Japan) – Hakata (Japan) – Busan (South Korea) – Kobe

The company will also launch a new standalone service called Saola, providing direct connections between Central China and Vietnam. 

Port Rotation for Saola Service:

Shanghai (China) – Ningbo (China) – Haiphong (Vietnam) – Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) – Vung Tau (Vietnam) – Shanghai

The inaugural sailings for these services are scheduled as follows:

  • Bengal: MSC Chaewon Voyage SX428A - ETA Qingdao July 8, 2024
  • Saola: MSC Vigour Voyage HS428A - ETA Shanghai July 10, 2024
  • Kaguya: MSC Lilou III Voyage HG429A - ETA Busan July 20, 2024