Port of Liverpool Sees Significant Investment From AIUK

Liverpool, UK as seen from the water
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Aggregate Industries UK (AIUK) has announced a substantial investment aimed at meeting the increasing demand for cementitious materials in the UK's construction industry.

The company plans to build a new 'super shed' at the Port of Liverpool, which is managed by Peel Ports Group, the second-largest port operator in the UK. This new facility, set to be one of the largest in Europe, will have the capacity to store over 40,000 tonnes of cementitious products simultaneously.

AIUK has reinforced its commitment to the port by signing a 25-year lease agreement, this being the third significant deal in the past six months as part of its strategic investment in deep-sea terminals.

“Our commitment at Liverpool is one of a series of planned developments to respond to increasing market demand across the surrounding regions. By investing in deep sea facilities, we’re looking to streamline operations as well as reduce the embodied carbon in our imported products, saving up to 25% of CO2 per tonne of material thanks to increased vessel capacities," said Matt Owen, head of Supply Chain at AIUK’s Cement Division.

The investment also includes expanding the port's capabilities by adding two additional berths and a dual-chamber flat store to accommodate larger ships and enhance transport efficiency.

This initiative is part of a strategic move to improve regional logistics, helping Aggregate Industries deliver exceptional service to local customers, reduce truck miles from terminals to construction sites, and maintain a sustainable, agile, and secure supply chain.

"This significant investment highlights AIUK’s long-term commitment to driving growth and opportunities across the Port of Liverpool and we’re proud to be involved in seeing it come to fruition. At Peel Ports, we believe we’re more than just a port, but central to enabling a more agile, efficient, and sustainable supply chain for the UK’s industries by offering port-centric solutions such as this to help our customers thrive," noted Tom Harrison, group strategic accounts director at Peel Ports Group.