Sanctions Intel Added to Platform by RightShip

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The ship vetting service RightShip is enhancing its offering by providing its users with critical information on sanctioned entities and vessels.

By incorporating the World-Check database from the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) into its system, RightShip will enable its users, which include charterers, banks, traders, port authorities, and shipowners, to thoroughly vet vessels and maritime companies for potential risks tied to sanctions or embargoes.

This integration will bring more than 4 million records into RightShip's platform, specifically targeting maritime vessels mentioned in sanctions, watchlists, and enforcement databases. It will provide detailed insights into ships that are registered with, associated with, or operate under the flag of a sanctioned nation or body. Additionally, when relevant, it will include information about the vessels' registered and beneficial owners.

Steen Lund, the CEO of RightShip, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “By collaborating with top maritime due diligence and sanctions intelligence providers, we’re offering our customers a vetting solution that fills the gaps in their shipping risk management workflows.” This move aims to significantly bolster the ability of RightShip's subscribers to navigate the complex landscape of international maritime sanctions with greater ease and confidence.