Tanker Spills Up To 30,000 Liters of Fuel in Ceuta Waters

AI generated image of a tanker leaking oil into the waters of a port
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A Turkish-owned product tanker, the K Onset, is reported to have leaked up to 30,000 liters of fuel in Ceuta after arriving from Villagarcía, Spain. The incident occurred during a refueling operation at the Levante dock on Tuesday evening, according to the port authority.

Fran Sierra, the port captain of Ceuta, stated that this was the largest oil spill ever in the Spanish African enclave. Emergency response measures were quickly enacted, with anti-pollution booms deployed to contain the spill, confining it to the dock's end.

The Ceuta Port Authority revealed that the vessel had a crack which led to the spill. The tanker was detained at the port for repairs on Thursday and is anticipated to face fines for environmental damage.

Registered in Liberia and operated by Yildirim Group’s Chemfleet, the K Onset is a 12,900 DWT chemical tanker. 

Recent inspection data from Equasis, recorded at the end of 2023 in the UK, showed 18 deficiencies, including hull corrosion, a malfunctioning steering gear, and issues with drainage, sanitary facilities, and steam and pressure pipes. 

Deficiencies were also noted in the vessel's main and auxiliary engines, affecting its operational standards.