US Coast Guard Confiscate Cocaine, Heroin, Meth Valued at $11M

U.S. Coast Guard boat
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In the Gulf of Oman, the U.S. Coast Guard achieved its initial drug interdiction for the year, successfully confiscating a diverse array of narcotics valued at $11 million.

This operation began earlier in the month when the international Combined Maritime Forces' CTF 150 task force pinpointed a dhow in the Gulf of Oman for investigation. The HMS Lancaster, a Royal Navy frigate, monitored the dhow's trajectory and collected crucial intelligence. This information was then relayed to the USCGC Emlen Tunnell, a cutter, which proceeded to pursue the dhow.

The pivotal moment came on January 5 when the Emlen Tunnell intercepted the dhow and executed a thorough search. The Coast Guard personnel uncovered a substantial haul of illicit substances hidden within the vessel, including 37 kilograms of heroin, 187 kilograms of methamphetamine, and five kilograms of cocaine. The boarding party confiscated these drugs and subsequently permitted the dhow to resume its journey.

This operation underscores the collaborative approach that has been instrumental in combating drug trafficking in the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Notably, since mid-2023, when French forces assumed command of CTF-150, there have been 12 significant drug seizures.

While the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) also operate in the Red Sea through task force CTF-153, their involvement in countering Houthi rebels in the region has been limited. Instead, a distinct initiative led by the United States under CTF-153 has been providing air defense support to safeguard maritime routes in the Red Sea.