Violation of Napali by Celebrity Edge Remains Inconclusive

The Napali coastline
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On May 30, the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) reported that the investigation into the cruise ship Celebrity Edge remains inconclusive. 

The DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) conducted a detailed investigation into allegations that the Celebrity Edge was sailing too close to the Napali Coast.

According to Hawaii Administrative Rule (HAR) for the Napali Coast Ocean Water, vessels carrying over 50 passengers must keep a minimum distance of 3000 feet from the shoreline.

The investigation found no evidence that the Celebrity Edge had breached any state regulations while navigating near the Kauai Napali Coast Wilderness Park earlier in May.

The investigation was initiated by DOCARE Officers in Kaua'i and O'ahu after a social media post claimed that the cruise ship was sailing close to the Napali Coastline, sparking community concerns.

Officers from O'ahu boarded the Celebrity Edge upon its arrival at Honolulu and questioned the captain about the incident. The captain explained that the ship was under control with a water depth of at least 30 meters but was unsure about the ship's exact distance from the shore.

Kaua'i officers then sought witnesses who might provide information on the cruise ship's proximity to the Napali Coastline. Despite their efforts, they could not find witnesses to confirm the ship's violation of HAR rules. Some potential witnesses were unwilling to participate, and others had only second- or third-hand information from the social media post.

The Celebrity Cruise Line had chosen the Napali Coast for the Celebrity Edge itinerary since the ship could not stop at Lahaina due to the previous year's wildfire.

Built in 2018, the Celebrity Edge is a cruise ship registered under the flag of Malta. It has a gross tonnage of 130,818 and can carry 2,908 passengers along with 1300 crew members. On June 4, the ship departed from Skagway in Alaska, and is set to arrive in Victoria, Canada, on June 6.