Vroon Expands Livestock Fleet After Buying Vessel From Tsuneishi

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Dutch Shipping company Vroon has majorly strengthened its fleet with acquisition of a livestock carrier from Japan’s Tsuneishi Group. This decision was following a financial restructuring last year. 

Vroon has added the Aurochs, built in 2017, which recently departed from Australia with its new name, the Friesian Express. 

The company’s fleet of livestock carrier vessels, managed by its Livestock Express unit, now reaches 13, thanks to the introduction of the youngest livestock carrier. 

On an annual basis, the Livestock Express ships between 600,000 and 750,000 head of livestock, making it the world’s largest provider of livestock tonnage. Between 2013 and 2016 the company went through a fleet renewal programme, which was finalised with the delivery of the now-8-year-old Gudail Express. 

Singapore-based OSV owner Britoil took most of Vroon’s ships last year as a result of their offshore fleet selloff. Martijn Schouten led the restructuring. Today, Vroon’s fleet consists of approximately 65 ships, including high-heat tankers, emergency and rescue vessels, and livestock carriers. 

Schouten comments on the acquisition: “As an internationally renowned shipping company, Vroon’s goal is to build further on our solid base and decades of experience, focussing on what we do best – delivering operational excellence in niche markets. Together with our shareholders and lenders, we look forward to taking more such positive steps in the coming period.“