180-Day Ban On 'Unsafe' Bulk Carrier Ordered by Australia

Silhouette of a bulk carrier at sunset
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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has imposed a 180-day ban on the Indian bulk carrier Darya Shaan due to safety concerns.

According to AMSA, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (India), the vessel's operator, consistently failed to report defects in the primary engine and machinery as the ship entered Australian ports.

AMSA inspectors boarded the Indian-flagged vessel on April 26 at the Port of Melbourne, where they identified numerous maintenance issues. These included problems with engine control and monitoring systems, faulty alarm systems, compromised generator start-up configurations, and a safety management system that did not ensure proper maintenance and reporting of defects.

AMSA had been alerted to serious safety concerns about the vessel before it arrived in Australia.

Michael Drake, the Executive Director of Operations at AMSA, emphasized the dangers of neglecting vessel engine maintenance, noting that it could jeopardize marine environments and crew safety. He pointed out that such negligence could lead to a vessel losing power during critical maneuvers, potentially causing groundings or collisions.

Drake also mentioned that AMSA has seen an increase in main engine defects and has begun to take action against substandard ships. In November 2022, Marine Notice 10/2022 was issued to remind GB operators of their responsibilities.