76 Passengers Rescued from Italian Ferry After Mayday Call

Mula di Muggia, Italy
Updated Published

The Italian Media Agency reported on June 12th that the Italian Coast Guard, alongside police and the fire brigade, successfully rescued 76 passengers and eight additional individuals from the ferry Audace, which was in danger of sinking. This incident took place near Mula di Muggia, in northeastern Italy.

The ferry issued a distress signal after encountering severe issues in the Grando Lagoon, putting it at risk of sinking. Authorities quickly responded to the call for help, deploying the Coast Guard, police, fire brigade, expert divers, and multiple boats to evacuate all passengers from the ferry. A Drago helicopter also assisted in the rescue operations.

All the agencies coordinated their efforts to ensure the safe evacuation of the passengers. Afterward, the rescued passengers were transferred to patrol vessels and brought to shore. Medical teams were on hand to provide necessary medical assistance to the passengers.

Audace is an Italian-flagged ferry that operates between the Trieste and Grado routes. The ship was built in 2023 and began service last year. Currently, it is docked at Porto Nogaro, Italy.