Another Container Ship Runs into Propulsion Issues in US

The Verrazano bridge, NYC, at sunset
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In the US, a container ship encountered a loss of control as it neared the Verrazano Bridge. The incident occurred on Friday when the APL Qingdao, having left the GCT New York terminal on Staten Island at 19:30, ran into propulsion system issues by 21:00. 

The ship reduced its speed to 4 knots approximately 3000 meters from the bridge and nearly halted at a 1500-meter distance. Subsequently, it was rerouted to a secure anchorage near Buono Beach.

This event brought back memories of the tragic incident in Baltimore, where the container ship Dali collided with a bridge, resulting in the bridge's destruction.

The US Coast Guard announced that the APL Qingdao had managed to restore its propulsion power and was anchored in Stapleton, away from the main navigation channel, aided by three tugboats. Following repairs, the vessel underwent an inspection by the US Coast Guard.

After a two-day anchorage, the ship recommenced its journey on Sunday, April 7, and successfully reached Norfolk the following day.