CMA CGM Adjusts Empty Equipment Imbalance Surcharge

AI generated image of a CGM CMA containership
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CMA CGM has announced changes to its Empty Equipment Imbalance Surcharge (EEIS) for shipments from Turkey to Spain, in light of recent shifts in regional dynamics.

Starting from the 15th of March 2024, and until an unspecified future date, the EEIS will be enforced for cargo moving within the IntraMed region, from Turkey (with the exception of Mersin & Iskenderun) to the Spanish Mediterranean.

The surcharge will be applicable to all types of dry cargo, including specialized equipment, as well as IMO and refrigerated cargo. The updated charges for the EEIS are set at US$246 for each 20-foot container and US$273 for each 40-foot container.

Additionally, for shipments originating from the ports of Mersin and Iskenderun heading to Spain's Mediterranean region, the adjusted surcharge rates will be US$164 for every 20-foot container and US$219 for every 40-foot container.