European WindWings & BAR Team Up for Sail Production

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BAR Technologies, a marine engineering consultancy, has established a partnership with Nervion Naval Offshore, a prominent provider of floating offshore wind platforms. The objective of this collaboration is to entirely manage and supervise the production of WindWings sails in the European region.

BAR Technologies has entered into a manufacturing partnership with Nervion, a company under the Amper Group, operating factories in Ferrol and As Somozas, Spain. This collaboration, the first of its kind for BAR Technologies outside China, is aimed at meeting the needs of European customers and providing a local supply of WindWings to customers utilizing drydocks in the region.

Nervion will be responsible for coordinating the entire procurement and construction process of WindWings sails, as specified in the agreement. This includes their installation across various shipyards in Europe.

In addition, Nervion will be in charge of maintaining the sails throughout their operational life cycle, and will also conduct training sessions for vessel crews on how to operate the wing sails effectively.

“The establishment of a European supplier of WindWings offers the opportunity to grow global sales as vessel owners increasingly look to add wind propulsion to existing and newbuild vessels to comply with EU regulations,” stated BAR Technologies' Chief Executive Officer, John Cooper.

“[We] recognised the significance of the opportunity to work with BAR Technologies in bringing its pioneering WindWings technology to the market here in Europe,” Roberto Bouzas, the general manager at Nervion Naval Offshore, made an additional statement.