French Engineers Present Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Carrier Design

LNG tanker lit up at night
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A team of French specialists with extensive knowledge of gas technology has introduced an initial concept for a liquefied hydrogen carrier boasting a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters.

Revealed at the Hyvolution Summit 2024 trade event in Paris, the gas containment system expert GTT, in partnership with TotalEnergies, naval architect LMG Marin, and Bureau Veritas, has shared information about a collaborative development initiative, resulting in the attainment of two preliminary approvals.

The primary authorization is associated with the structure of a cryogenic membrane containment system created by GTT to store liquefied hydrogen (LH2). The second approval pertains to the initial design of a 150,000 cubic meter LH2 carrier featuring the GTT containment system.

“The ability to transport very large volumes of hydrogen in liquefied form, at -253°C, is one of the technological challenges to be met to establish a reliable, efficient and competitive hydrogen supply chain and, therefore, to enable an energy transition towards a carbon-free future,” An announcement released by Bureau Veritas mentioned.

GTT currently holds a prominent position as the leading provider of LNG containment systems for ships, commanding a market share of over 80%. The company is actively seeking to extend its expertise into the burgeoning hydrogen trade.