Hazard Level D Cargo Ships Changes Course After Taiwan Quake

A cracked and broken carpark on a cliff's edge following an earthquake
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The significant earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 that rocked the east coast of Taiwan at 8am local time (0:00 UTC) on Wednesday, caused noticeable disruptions in marine operations. 

According to MarineTraffic data, the cargo ship Ever Magi, categorized under hazard level D as a pressure vessel, executed an emergency turning maneuver amidst the tremors.

The Singapore-flagged vessel had set sail from Cai Mep, Vietnam, at 17:34 UTC on March 31, 2024, heading towards Taipei, Taiwan. It was on its course when, at 23:59 UTC on April 2, coinciding with the earthquake's impact, the ship performed a turning maneuver. 

Subsequently, the vessel paused and lingered outside the port's boundaries. By 01:01 on April 3, the Ever Magi reached anchorage near Taipei, departing again 27 minutes later yet staying nearby. 

Additionally, MarineTraffic reported strong winds at 27 knots around the area at the time, which contributed to the vessel's drift and necessitated further maneuvering.