Holland America, Princess Resorts Impacted by Alaska Wildfire

Denali National Park in Alaska
Updated Published

A wildfire in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve has disrupted operations at several resorts, including Holland America’s McKinley Chalet Resort and the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.

The Riley Fire, as reported by Alaska Wildland Fire Information, was first detected on Sunday. It rapidly spread over 350 to 400 acres, impacting the area across the Nenana River from the McKinley Chalet Resort, about one mile from the park entrance.

Power outages have affected the region, causing service interruptions at Holland America’s McKinley resort. The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, situated less than half a mile from McKinley Chalet, has stopped accepting new guests.

Princess Cruises has also closed its Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge within the park and its Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska, another major entry point to Denali.

“Due to the impact of the Riley wildfire in the Denali National Park area, we have closed Denali, Mt. McKinley and Fairbanks to new arrivals,” the company stated.

“All hotel-only and land-only bookings through July 5 at these three properties will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time as we strive to keep everyone safe. We kindly ask that you not come to the hotels, as we will be unable to accommodate you.”

Currently, all visitor facilities and park operations in Denali’s entrance area are shut down, with the fire now 10 percent contained. Local authorities are actively working to restore power to the affected areas.