Intermarine Welcomed by SAL & Jumbo in Heavy Lift Alliance

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Dutch maritime logistics company Jumbo Shipping and Germany's SAL Heavy Lift, a specialist in breakbulk and project cargo, have partnered with liner operator Intermarine to create a new joint venture.

The collaboration between Jumbo and SAL Heavy Lift, which was initiated in 2021 through the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, expands with Intermarine joining from March 1 to form the newly named JSI Alliance. This alliance brings together a fleet of 50 vessels. Despite the joint venture, Jumbo, SAL, and Intermarine will continue to operate independently, allowing each brand to maintain its presence in the market.

The partnership describes this joint venture as a progression from their prior alliance, emphasizing its global operation across 23 countries. The alliance's fleet will include a variety of ships, from multipurpose vessels to heavy lift ships, boasting lifting capabilities up to 3,000t SWL. The alliance plans to unify all sales offices under the JSI Alliance, representing the interests of all three members from the outset.

With over 120 years of combined experience, the JSI Alliance is positioned to offer a broad range of services, from semi-liner and liner services to bespoke project shipping solutions. This includes transporting everything from small parcels and individual cargo items to highly complex industrial units.

While the fleets of Jumbo and SAL are known to complement each other, Intermarine introduces a fleet primarily composed of multipurpose vessels with a maximum lifting capacity of 500t SWL. This capacity marks the starting point of the Jumbo and SAL fleets’ capabilities.

Intermarine's operational strategy involves a blend of owned and time-chartered vessels, utilized for both short and long-term projects. The owned vessels typically handle more intricate cargo operations, whereas volume cargo and vessel positioning are managed through the time-chartered segment of the fleet.